Art of Saxophone Aims to Transform Musicians by Covering All Aspects of Mastery

By Zach Sollitto / News, Updates, and Brand Overviews, Saxophone Product Reviews / Education, Music Theory, Practicing, Resources, Saxophone Technique Read the original and complete article by clicking here. Introduction In the past, if you want to learn how to play the saxophone, you would learn by listening to records, transcribing solos, and going to see your favorite musicians play live. Today, there are far more resources available for the beginning as well as advanced saxophonist to better hone their … Read More

Dann Zinn Thrills at Piedmont Piano

By Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Classical Voice June 19, 2018 Dann Zinn spends most of his time preparing exceptional young musicians to make the most of their talent. As a private teacher and as the head of various top-shelf jazz programs he’s devoted the past quarter century to mentoring aspiring improvisers. More than a dozen Bay Area-raised players now thriving in New York and Los Angeles cite him as a formative influence, including saxophonists Dayna Stephens, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Remy Le … Read More

All About Jazz

Atmospherics and solid-state jams exist simultaneously, peace and war work in the same space, empty canvases can turn busy at a moment’s notice, and the line between the scripted and the spontaneous is often hard to read. Zinn’s musical version of the titular idyllic wonderland is really as multi-dimensional as you can get. Zinn and his partners on this journey—guitarist Chris Robinson and drumming icon Peter Erskine—are open-minded and open to anything. When these three get going, there’s no telling … Read More