Dave McEltresh, Jazz Now Magazine

Imagine George Adams making an album with guitarist Bill Frissell and you’ll have an idea of the music that is found on ten songs. Zinn, like Adams, can switch from playing pretty to playing pretty vicious in only a few bars. His lovely balladry on “Never Together, Never Apart” sidetracks into honks and squeals just long enough to let the listener know that Zinn’s romanticism has its limits. The sax man also sings and grwls equally well on flute and bass clarinet.

Good songwriting avoids clichés; great songwriting as found here in Zinn’s compositions offers original melodies so natural that listeners swear they’ve heard the song before.

Few releases offer the personality, playing ability and compositional quality found on this disc. Place Zinn ahead of the current crop of play by numbers players debuting on Blue Note and Verve. This guy deserves the big time and here are ten reasons why!