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DownBeat Magazine By Anthony Dean Harris “enjoyably wild,” “a tight batch of compositions” “the right folks to execute ideas giving ...


“It was one of those nights where demanding new material and game virtuosity combine for a thrilling, seat-of-the-pants set with sheet music strewn across music stands and the bandleader conducting transitions on the fly.”


“…Zinn is also a highly regarded player who has developed a striking sound of his own shaped by his synthesis of seemingly polar influences.”


“…it’s a game raiser all the way around.”


“Altogether this album is a great example of contemporary jazz music where saxophonist Dann Zinn has gathered some fine musicians and recorded the music he loves to play.”


“Zinn’s musical version of the titular idyllic wonderland is really as multi-dimensional as you can get. Zinn and his partners on this journey—guitarist Chris Robinson and drumming icon Peter Erskine—are open-minded and open to anything. When these three get going, there’s no telling what they’ll do.” 


“…something powerful and electric…”


“When it comes to Zinn and The Art of Saxophone, I believe this series can improve the technique for the beginner to advanced saxophonist if approached properly …”


“…Shangri La is a continually intriguing set of adventurous music that is often surprisingly melodic.”


“…lots of sonic marvels and technical wonders to behold…”

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