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Zinn and The Art Of Saxophone is Dann's Zinn's magnum opus for the teaching of technique. It encompasses more than forty years of study and training, and is the backbone of his and his students' virtuosity. Zinn And The Art Of Saxophone is designed to provide a course of technical study for a lifetime of improvement.

The books are designed in a 'martial arts' format, moving from the beginning white level to the very advanced black level. The format and structure is consistent for each book, with exercises for tone, chromatics, scales, intervals, arpeggios, and miscellaneous studies. These books provide the student with the essential structure needed to reach their highest goals. The exercises range from core basics to the most difficult of studies. This curriculum can guide both the beginning and most serious of students to musical excellence. The books are balanced, self-paced, and effective.


  • A detailed philosophical approach for guidance, clarity, and encouragement.

  • Numerous and varied long tone exercises, tone etudes covering all registers, articulation, overtones, extended tonal techniques such as subtone, scooping and bending, singing while playing, playing with the different vowel sounds, and vibrato.

  • Countless ways to play scales and related exercises.

  • Exotic and unusual scales and arpeggios.

  • Hundreds of studies of altissimo, large intervals, palm keys, finger twisters, alternative fingerings, trills, extended techniques.