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The Ultimate Instrument Setup: Every Instrument Dann Zinn Uses Right Now

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As a longtime jazz musician, composer and educator, people often ask me what instruments I use. Over the years I have tried many a flute, saxophone, piccolo, to find my exact right sound. Here is the total list of my instruments–used for all of my records–that I have sworn by for years. If you’re on the search for a flute or saxophone and have any more questions about what I use, feel free to reach out.

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Tenor Sax

1. Sax: Selmer Mark VI 165423

  • Apparently, from all the repairmen that have looked at it, this is a one of a kind Mark VI. It has a high F# key, scrolling that features a different pattern than almost every other Mark VI. There is a different thickness in the metal and a unique kind of headless screw. Personally, I think it was the prototype for the Selmer’s Series 3. It was constructed 100% in Paris and is reflective of the mid to late 60s Mark Vis.

  • I’ve added the Woodstone Thumb Hook and Oleg F Fork Extension that I got from my former student, friend, and great sax player Tim Lin.

  • I bought the horn from Walt DeHoppe at House of Woodwinds in Oakland.

2. Mouthpiece: Otto Link Early Babbitt “Fatboy” 8

4. Case: Manning Custom Case

Soprano Sax

1. Sax: Yanagisawa Curved Soprano

2. Mouthpiece: Berg Larson 95/0

4. Case: Reunion Blues Leather


1. Flute: Stephen Wessel Flute #33

  • My flute is very rare and interesting. It is handmade in England. The flute’s body is silver and the keys are stainless steel with black high grade plastic inserts. This key work adds a tremendous amount of stability to the pads and gives the flute a lightness and extreme resinous.

  • I purchased this model from my old flute teacher Michele Caimotto.

  • Headjoint: I use a Lillian Burkart Platinum with 24K engraved lip plate. The combination of the heavy platinum with the light Wessel flute creates a very resonant and beautiful tone.

2. Head Joint: Lillian Burkart Platinum

3. Case: Weissman Case


1. Flute: Emerson Boston Legacy Grenadilla Piccolo

Alto Flute

1. Flute: DeFord


1. Buffet R13

Other Instruments

1. C- Melody Sax

2. Various Bamboo Flutes

Go-to Repairman

1. Ivan Lukyanets in Los Angeles

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