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Why Zinn And The Art of Saxophone is the World’s Best Saxophone Book Technique System

Dann Zinn, renowned saxophone player now releases his technique books individually. Zinn And The Art of Saxophone is currently in its fourth printing. The system has been hailed by some of the best saxophone players in the world; Joshua Redman, Walter Smith, Miguel Zenon, Bob Mintzer, and more. Zinn’s students are notorious for being the best in the country year after year. They are known to win the top high school awards, gain scholarships to the top colleges, and even become Grammy Nominees!

These books are designed with an innovative martial arts approach that helps the player move up and earn the next level. This structure builds discipline and keeps even the most distracted players engaged.

· Each book is outlined with crystal clear instructions on how to work on all facets of technique through all playing levels.

· The Zinn expanded system takes students from beginner levels through the most advanced levels of saxophone playing.

· The books are organized according to the following 6 main technique pillars:

1. The books include the most comprehensive and thorough Long Tone exercises available.

2. The Chromatic Scale and it’s related intervals is the ‘mother’ scale which encompasses every note and is an essential practice item.

3. All Scales are presented in a simple to read and simple to learn formats moving gradually from very basic to ultra complicated.

4. Diatonic Intervals are used for speed building.

5. Arpeggio studies are a cornerstone of the Zinn system.

6. Also included are Miscellaneous Technical Exercises that expand your range, speed, and accuracy.

· The Number One reason why Zinn and The Art of Saxophone is the World’s Best Saxophone Technique System is because it inspires player to do their best, plus one!©

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