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6 Musical Accessories Every Jazz Saxophonist Needs

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

I’ve been in the jazz business for 40+ years now, during which I’ve inevitably tried a plethora of metronomes, neck straps and reeds. After all of these years, I’ve found my groove and the products that I swear by. Here is my master list of the best saxophone accessories.

1. Metronome

2. Neck Strap

3. Reeds

4. Microphone

5. Sax Enhancer

6. Thumb Hook

What musical accessories are your go-tos? Comment below!

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I liked your concept when I was at the Marin School of the Arts for a minute. Tristian used to practice after school and I was teaching there before Glenn Johnson. I have 3 other certifications from NJ, CO and NV, took all the ridiculous state tests, but Ella and the administration didn't tell me I needed the CBEST test here in CA.. I was coming from outta state, they should have informed me. Great place, great kids, loved it there, but the salary was terrible for living in the Bay area. I'm making $30K more year teaching middle school in SoCal. It all works out. I'd like to get all your books at some point. Glad you're finall…

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